The AJ Webb & Son Sheffield Wholesale Division is one of the most extensive and comprehensive facilities of bulk fresh produce in the Uk. Housed within 15,000 sq ft of racked warehousing and 5000 sq ft of regulated refrigeration, the division maintains high volume importing from across Europe & the rest of the world on a daily basis.

The division has a broad customer base supplying retail markets, high street shops & secondary wholesalers with an entire portfolio of produce. Although delivering throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Humberside, the division also has a large visiting customer base for those who to prefer to buy themselves.

The division is divided into specific departments with specialised salesmen assigned to the procurement and management of each one. This enables optimum levels of quality, stock rotation and up to the minute market information, which is an essential part of the service provided to customers who speculate when buying in such large quantities. The division also prides itself on choice. In the modern day market, all needs have to be catered for. The range of weights, sizes, countries of origin and packing choices of one particular item of produce is seemingly non-exhaustive. The division is aware of this and therefore takes a proactive approach towards bringing new ideas to local area first.