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The wholesale division is proud to host a salad department which displays the most widely sourced salad produce in the area.

Operated by Jon Webb and Craig Skitt, daily arrivals of Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers and salad onions come to Sheffield direct from Holland, The Canary Islands, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

The department can host up to 15 varieties of tomatoes at any one time, including vine, cherry, cherry vine, plum and mini plum. Aubergines, chinese leaves and radishes add to what is becoming an ever increasing product range.

The department also trades in an extensive product range of vacuum cooled pre-packed salads. Ready to serve assortments of baby leaves, rocolla, lollo rosso, endive and oakleaf are just several examples of the daily ranges that are sourced from Italy, France and the UK.

Due to the perishability of most of the produce within the department, daily arrivals are essential in maintaining ultimate freshness for maximum customer confidence.

Jon Webb
Salad Sales

Contact Details

T: 0114 241 7507
E: jw@ajwebb.co.uk

Craig Skitt
Salad Sales

Contact Details

T: 0114 241 7513
E: cs@ajwebb.co.uk