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The citrus department is headed by Chris Webb. Consignments are imported directly from Spain, Turkey, Morroco and South America. The department houses huge volumes of oranges, satsumas, clementines, mandors, grapefruits, lemons, limes and ortaniques every week of the year.

With such a varied demand within the sector, the department prides itself on choice within each product. A variety of size,country of origin and packing facilitate the meeting of every demand from every customer irregardless of their useage.

During the winter season, deliveries from Spain into Sheffield take only 4 days with specification arranged to meet all our customer's needs.

This provision of service,freshness and competitive pricing levels have enabled the department to become the leading one of it's type within the wholesale sector.

Chris Webb
Citrus Sales

Contact Details

T: 0114 241 7508
E: cw@ajwebb.co.uk