AJ Webb

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In 1948, Arthur John Webb opened a small fresh produce retail outlet near the centre of Rotherham. As part of his daily working routine he would visit the Castlefolds Wholesale Market in Sheffield to stock the shop with the freshest produce available. This, coupled with value for money, justifiably gave him a reputation as a leading retail figure within the immediate community.

As the post war years' influence subsided on the local economy, the business gained strength by each passing year and with the introduction to the business of his son, Tony, a large delivery sector emerged supplying schools, homes and canteens for the thriving steel and coal industries.

In 1973,Tony moved to the Parkway Market in Sheffield to open an importing and wholesale business.The success of this through the next 25 years was based on the same principles that had been so important many years before.A J Webb & Son Sheffield became one of the North's largest independent importers and distributor's of fresh produce.

In 1988, Tony's two sons, Jon and Chris joined the business and in 1995,whilst maintaining their positions in Tony's business, opened up Webb (Sheffield) Ltd within the Parkway Market.

2001 saw the closure of the Parkway Markets in Sheffield after 3 decades and both businesses joined forces in what is now the South Yorkshire Fresh Produce & Flower Centre. AJ Webb & Son Sheffield invested over 1.25 million pounds in 20,000 sq.ft. of warehousing, a state of the art administration block, 5sq. ft. of refrigeration, hand held sales terminals and a fleet of vehicles designed to adequately cope with the increasing demands of the service factor which we now believe to be essential in an industry that, over the years, has changed like no other.